What Can You Do If You Believe Your Attorney is Mishandling Your Injury Claim (Know Your Rights)?

A lawyer has an ethical duty toward you, his client. If you feel that your lawyer is mishandling your personal injury claim, there are several options available to you.

Most Problems are from Miscommunications

There are several reasons why you may have a falling out with your lawyer. Two of the significant issues are communication problems or a lack of attention toward you and your case. If your legal representative is unwilling to listen to you or does not believe your version of the incident, it is improbable that your case can have a successful outcome.

Sometimes, you may feel that your attorney is not keeping you up to date with your case, does not discuss any changes, or is not willing to tell you the process to be followed. Often, this feeling of being unaware of the process creates confusion and doubt.

If you and your lawyer are not the right fit, you may feel the road to the case’s conclusion will be fraught with difficulties. This is not how you deserve to feel after what you have been through, and it might be best to change your legal representation.

Know your rights

Many legal clients aren’t aware that they can choose to pick a different lawyer when pursuing a claim in civil court and often continue even though they are unhappy.

As the client, you can fire your lawyer at any time. You are in charge of your legal case.

You can typically fire your lawyer at any time without any additional costs, fees, or penalties. However, you may want to line up a new lawyer before getting rid of your current lawyer to avoid unnecessary delay in your case. You have the right to consult another personal injury lawyer before firing your current one.

Deciding to fire your attorney

Don’t be shy when the time comes to fire your attorney. If you fear facing an angry lawyer, a simple letter or email is a good choice for communicating your desire to take your case elsewhere.

Ask for the documentation and details of the case, but a responsible and professional lawyer will ensure you get these. Your new attorney can also do this.

What are the responsibilities of your injury attorney?

Any attorney is responsible for competently researching your injury claim, analyzing the issues, and representing you professionally. He must advise you on all the possible actions and act according to your instructions.

Besides the due diligence you expect from your attorney, you also want them to communicate, maintain your confidentiality, and discuss strategy beforehand.

It is also important that you, as the client, keep in contact with your lawyer and promptly respond to all communications and requests from the lawyer and their office.

Building trust

Before pursuing a successful personal injury case, hiring a lawyer is one of the most critical tasks. First, you need to find an attorney you can trust and communicate with. If for some reason, you are unhappy with the representation of your case and feel you cannot continue with the exact attorney, there are several options to choose from.

In severe cases, if you have a valid complaint about unethical conduct against the attorney, you can file a valid complaint against them with the disciplinary board that governs the law licenses in your state. Otherwise, try to resolve your differences or hire another lawyer.

If you feel you have lost money because of your lawyer’s negligence, you can bring a malpractice suit against them.

Proceed with your case

When you decide to fire your attorney, you will need to hire a new one immediately to ensure your case does not suffer from the lack of legal representation. From the moment you hire a new legal representative, you will need to build trust, which requires building a relationship, something that takes time. Your new attorney also needs time to get familiar with your case, so the sooner he gets your files, the faster they can become acquainted with it.

Finding new representation

Now that you know your rights, you can change by firing the legal professional you are unhappy with and hiring someone who will pay the attention you and your case deserve.