5 Common Mistakes People Make With Personal Injury Claims

After an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, the success of your personal injury claim depends on taking the correct measures. Avoid making these most common mistakes that can jeopardize the compensation needed for your physical, psychological, and financial recovery.

5 Most Common Mistakes

Any bodily injury from an accident, minor or significant, can sometimes lead to lifelong physical disabilities, pain, or emotional anguish. Of course, you deserve the highest possible compensation, but some mistakes can complicate your personal injury claim, resulting in a significant loss.

1.      Avoiding Medical Treatment and Not Keeping A Record

You must see a certified doctor for your injuries immediately; otherwise, you may not qualify for compensation. Even what appears as a minor injury at the time of the incident can flare up later, so always get medical attention immediately.

Additionally, make sure never to miss any follow-up appointments. Finally, you must keep all your medical reports and reports issued by the doctor because they are vital to your claim.

Remember: The insurer for the defendant may immediately make an offer on your claim, but don’t accept anything before your medical reports are ready because it is impossible to know the extent of your injury and its worth without any medical records.

2.      Failing To Report The Accident to The Correct Authorities

Whatever accident caused your injury, you need to report it to the relevant authority. For example, call law enforcement officials to the scene of a car accident; if you have a slip and fall injury while working out, report it to your gym management. Reporting leads to more evidence about the cause of your injury caused by the incident, another relevant piece of information for your injury claim.

Furthermore, a police investigation into an accident can also help identify further evidence like the cause of the accident and witnesses, all placed on a police report to serve your case.

3.      Trusting Insurance Companies

The defendant and your insurance company will appear sympathetic and pretend to act in your interests to get you to settle quickly. However, they will try to get you to agree on as little compensation as possible. Also, they approach you to try and get you to disclose information, often leading them to blame you for the accident. Their tactics aim to pay you less than you deserve for your injuries, loss, and emotional trauma.

Once you accept the amount offered, you can never place a future personal injury claim for the incident. Therefore, never agree to a settlement or speak to anyone from an insurance company before consulting a lawyer.

4.      Sharing Information About The Accident and Making Needless Statements

Starting from the moment of the injury, make as few statements about the incident as possible to everyone, including family, friends, potential defendants, and on social media. The defendants will look for anything to use as evidence against you, so the less said, the better.

One common problem with speaking to others is that you may apologize for something that wasn’t even your fault. However, this type of mistake can lead to others trying to prove you caused the whole accident or have a share of the blame. Therefore, don’t talk about the incident with anyone, and refer people to your attorney if asked about it.

5.      Not Consulting With An Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer

After a personal injury accident, the biggest mistake you can make is not consulting with a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer’s training and knowledge of the law make them the best representative to protect your interests until you receive the compensation you deserve.

A lawyer looks beyond the compensation for your injury, seeking compensation for other out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, lost income, and psychological trauma. Avoiding attorney fees doesn’t mean you are saving money because you could lose thousands of dollars of compensation that you don’t know how to claim. Also, a lawyer can ensure you never say anything that can implicate you and will undertake all negotiations on your behalf.

No question concerning your case is dumb; a personal injury lawyer knows how to answer your concerns.

Final Word

Injuries from accidents are devastating, especially if they lead to excessive medical bills and loss of income. However, by avoiding these five mistakes, you immediately stand a better chance of getting the compensation you deserve rather than what the insurer thinks you deserve. Therefore, don’t talk to anyone before getting a personal injury attorney, and make sure to keep to report the incident and keep all medical records to ensure the best leverage.