Can You Legally Ask For Your Engagement Ring Back?

Engagement rings are special and way more than a piece of jewelry. They symbolize so much more in a relationship such as loyalty, commitment and love. But relationships do not always last despite the promises of forevers and I dos.

While it can be an emotional upheaval to go through a bad breakup or divorce or separation, is there a possibility that you can legally ask for your engagement ring back?

Generally, an engagement ring is a gift to your partner and in most cases, you should not expect it back even when the relationship has hit a rocky patch. Sometimes, your partner may want to part with it as a means to let go of the memories and move on in life. In that case, you can accept it and go for an amicable separation.

Even the best wedding rings for men and women may feel banal in such cases. However, if you can legally ask for your engagement ring back is a matter that differs from state to state.

It can also depend on individual circumstances such as if you have had a contract before the engagement and if the cause of separation is such that it accounts for some sort of violation of that contract. Your best recourse in such a situation would be to consult a local attorney who can guide you through the available options.

Bear in mind that taking legal help doesn’t come cheap and you may want to weigh in the cost of the ring, the legal charges, and the time and the emotional energy that would be needed to battle your partner or push suing charges on them.

There are a few other considerations that must be taken into account:

Legal Gift vs Conditional Gift

This is one of the first things to consider if you are having thoughts of getting your engagement ring back after your relationship goes down south.

Usually, engagement rings are not gifts that can be taken back. However, there can be exceptions to the rule if your ring is a conditional gift i.e. you ought to fulfill certain conditions before claiming it for yourself.

Courts usually have certain rules when it comes to engagement rings and their exchange when everything doesn’t go as per the plan. This varies from court to court and a local attorney would be the best person to guide you through the processes and complexities.

There is another question of ethics and since engagement rings can cost hefty amounts these days, people in most cases return them if they don’t see themselves together but then one can never be sure.

This is why an attorney is your best bet particularly in cases where the separation is not that amicable and mutual. Regardless of who ended the relationship, there can be conflicts when it comes to claiming gifts and more importantly engagement ring back.

You must be honest about the situation and your expectations and work with the attorney to find the best solution to this tricky problem. Hopefully, you will have a resolution.