Got a Traffic Ticket? Here’s Why You Should Consider Contesting It

Did you receive your very first speeding ticket? Though it may feel like the end of the world, it’s not. Nearly 42 million traffic tickets are issued every year in the United States. That puts into perspective that getting a speeding ticket is not a rare occurrence. 

It’s no secret that speed cameras are often strategically placed to catch drivers off guard. Several studies have gone as far as claiming that speed cameras are more about making money than safety. Regardless, whether you intentionally or unintentionally broke a traffic law, you have the right to contest it. 

Many first-time ticket recipients panic and think that paying as soon as possible is the only way out. But that’s not true! While fighting a traffic ticket may be more time-consuming, contesting your ticket can save you from paying fines and getting points on your license. 

Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan to fight your traffic ticket

Understand the Law

First of all, you need to understand the law and the charges you’re being accused of. Since traffic rules vary from state to state, keeping up with different laws can be challenging. To avoid making any mistakes and speeding up the process, you should consider seeking legal assistance. From traffic attorneys or ticket apps, there are many options readily available.

Read Your Ticket

Don’t shove your traffic ticket in the glove box and forget about it. We urge you to carefully and thoroughly read your ticket. If there is an error on the ticket, it can be used in your favor. That being said, minor errors won’t help your case. However, if the officer has cited the wrong law or misidentified the make and model of your vehicle, this could potentially get your ticket dismissed. 

Question Officer’s Judgment

Traffic tickets are often based on an officer’s observation. What if you challenged their judgment? That being said, simply accusing the officer of lying will not work. You need substantial proof that the officer made a mistake. For example, if the officer was way too far from the scene, they probably didn’t have a good view of the alleged violation.

Highlight an Emergency

Did you break traffic rules because of a situation out of your control? For example, you were driving over the speed limit because you tried to get a seriously injured person to the hospital. While there’s no guarantee that this will work, it’s worth trying. A sympathetic judge may decide to lower your penalty. 

Test Your Luck

If none of the above-mentioned defenses work and there’s no choice but to go to court, make sure you don’t miss it. If the stars are on your side, the officer may not show up, and you’ll automatically win the case. To improve your odds of winning, we suggest postponing the court date and possibly choosing a date close to the holidays.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Instead, seek assistance from platforms like WinIt, which makes contesting traffic and parking tickets a hassle-free process. All you have to do is upload your ticket along with any evidence, and the team will take care of everything else. And the best part? You only have to pay a fee if your ticket is ultimately dismissed. 

The Bottom Line

Remember, paying a fine is considered an admission of guilt under most jurisdictions. In addition to paying an expensive fine, traffic tickets can also damage your driving record and increase auto insurance rates. Fighting the ticket allows you to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you effectively fight traffic tickets.