In What States is Recreational Marijuana is Legal?

Recreational cannabis products have become widely accepted globally. Many individuals do not connect them to the old myths anymore. It is a reason for the hundreds of weed delivery services opening in many countries globally. Countries like the United States of America are at the forefront of this expansion. We will describe details of weed and laws related to them in some states of the United States of America. We will also describe some benefits for the consumers of weed products.

What is Weed?

Weed or Marijuana comes from the popular Hemp plant. The hemp plant belongs to the Sativa family, which is evergreen. The plant often requires sixty days to grow to its full potential. It also requires less than 13 hours of sunlight in a day. The height is medium, making it possible to plant them in greenhouses. It makes the plant improve in quality and produces a better quality of Marijuana. Experts also explain that the plant also requires minimal water and other substances. The low maintenance cost in the outdoors leads many to plant them over a large area.

The Hemp plant gives Hemp extract, which then produces many Marijuana-based products. Some of them come from decomposition. Chemical techniques also come in handy to extract some products. CBD, CBG, Delta-10, Delta-8, and many more come from the same plant. They all have Hemp extract and THC inside them. A study from Statista states the sales of Marijuana-based products are more than 22 billion US dollars in the United States of America. It highlights the popularity of these products among consumers in this country.

Now we will describe some benefits of Marijuana or Weed-related products-

  • Reduces Stress- Research by the American Psychology Association states more than 65% of adults have extreme stress. The data is just after the pandemic struck. It led many to stay inside their homes for months. It led to increased emotional tension and mental complications, and stress can be very harmful to your daily lifestyle. It can obstruct your ability to sleep and complete chores. Some even complain about mood changes due to stress. The Hemp extract in weed will reduce your emotional tensions. It will help you relieve those high-stress levels and calm you down. Regular consumption will improve your mood and lower your high-stress levels.
  • Increases Energy- More than half of the working young adults in the United States of America suffer from exhaustion. It is due to excessively pushing the body to a limit. It can be due to stressful work or long workouts. For inactive individuals, not working out is a typical problem. The energy drain is too much. The Hemp extract in weed combines with the THC present inside it. It will charge your body with extra energy. It can make your lifestyle more active and healthy. Consumption of weed products also increases the appetite, making the consumer hungry. Several consumers mix it with other edibles to get a better experience.

Laws in States regarding Marijuana

Many states do not legalize Marijuana or Cannabis-based products. But many states have legalized recreational Marijuana. The state where it is not legal can still allow possessing medical Cannabis. The laws generally base themselves regarding the THC content inside Marijuana-based products. They also revolve around the quantity one owns. Here are some states which allow the possession of Marijuana-

  • California- This state is a haven for consumers of recreational products. The law to legalize Cannabis came in 2016. An individual over 21 years of age can possess Cannabis legally. The quantity of Marijuana that one can own is 220 grams. One may require a prescription from medical experts.
  • Washington D.C. -An adult of more than 21 years of age can legally possess 25 grams of Marijuana. Here the state also allows the individual to grow their plants. The maximum one can have six plants in their households. One can also gift these products to another individual. Here it is not necessary to have a prescription before buying the product.

There are many other states which allow the possession of Marijuana-based products. They include Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Maine, and many more. The law may differ in terms of quantity and the content inside the product. The rule of thumb is to often check for the law before entering a new state. One should always be honest with their medical expert. They will diagnose your ailment and suggest the quantity of Cannabis accordingly. There are many states which have independent systems of license issues. These licenses are for the dispensaries, and they have the job to distribute Marijuana among consumers. They also must provide high-quality products. More and more states are now allowing their citizens to possess Marijuana and its related products. Some states are also providing citizens with the will to grow their Marijuana plants inside their homes.