The Lawyers’ Guide to Legal Marketing

Do you have an effective marketing plan for your law firm? No? You need to know the basics about tactics and marketing funnels to enhance your client relationships and build new ones organically.

Strategies and Marketing Tactics for Law Firms

When marketing your law firm, you shouldn’t be thinking about a single method. Instead, it needs to be adaptable based on data-driven research.

Strategies are long-term plans to achieve your firm’s goals, whereas tactics are tools you can use to achieve the goals. For example, if your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, you may implement SEO and partake in link building to do this.

Below are some factors to keep in mind when deciding your tactics and strategies:

Terms like “Lawyers” and “Solicitors” Are Fading

Generations born after 1980 are tech-savvy. After all, they’ve grown up with nothing but a constant stream of online marketing tactics. As such, they don’t tend to respond to ads. Instead, they will wait until they need a service and then start actively searching for the best.

You should try calling yourself a “legal service provider.” This term is becoming increasingly popular since the younger generations (i.e., Generation Y and later) are more focused on their needs rather than the qualifications of you (i.e., the professional meeting their needs).

Nurturing Relationships Is What Matters

Nowadays, clients are less likely to stick with the same lawyer because they’ve used them before. To get around this, you need to target your existing customers (typically via email) to consistently sell them your services when they need them.

How to Make a Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm

To get started on your law firms marketing plan, follow these steps:

#1 Understand Your Clients

You need to get to know who you should be marketing to. You should strive to create a profile for your ideal client. Within this profile, you should insert these factors about your client:

  • Demographics
  • Background
  • Motivation and goals
  • Challenges

#2 Develop Marketing Funnel

After you understand your clients, you should make a marketing funnel that captures your target market’s awareness, evaluation, and conversion journey. The stages work as follows:

  1. Awareness — Your client has a problem, and they begin to research to understand their situation.
  2. Consideration — They define their issue and research solutions.
  3. Decisions — They look for a lawyer to help with their issue.

#3 Hire Help

You are fantastic at being a lawyer. Trust us, we understand! But that doesn’t mean you are an expert marketer. So, why not employ someone who specializes in that field like us at Constellation Marketing? While analyzing your marketing efforts to date, we’ll implement a customized solution to ensure your law firm consistently attracts new clients while nurturing the relationships you’ve already built.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Law Firms Attract Clients?

Until now, word of mouth has been the number one way law firms attract clients. But in this day and age, you need to have a high-quality website, build meaningful relationships, and even create and promote educational content to expand your reach.

Why Is Marketing Important to a Law Firm?

Effective marketing is vital for law firms for a number of reasons, including:
• To ensure consistency and impress clients.
• To improve search rankings by implementing proper SEO.
• To reach new clients online.
• To establish trustworthiness and credibility.
• To use social media effectively to promote brand awareness.

Where Can I Advertise My Law Firm?

There are plenty of online places to advertise your law firm. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and even Twitter are fantastic for reaching a wider demographic.
Alternatively, you can use local directions like Yahoo Directory, FindLaw,, and LawInfo.

Do Law Firms Have Marketing Departments?

Law firms with dedicated marketing departments are hard to come by. But with that said, the best, most highly regarded ones do have a marketing department.
It’s worth noting that you don’t need in-house marketers. Instead, you can outsource to companies who specialize in the marketing and advertising fields.

Why Do Law Firms Need SEO?

SEO brings more traffic to your website which will ultimately lead to more clients. Not to mention that your competitors are employing SEO and other marketing tactics to ensure they appear higher in searches.