7 Best Software Solutions to Help Small Law Firms Stay Competitive During the Pandemic

Staying competitive during a global pandemic means managing your law firm to deal with remote workers affordably. To this end, we’ve outlined a few excellent software solutions that can help a business remain competitive during the pandemic through remote management.

1. Action Step

This piece of software is impressive because it contains all you need to manage a law firm remotely. From document management to a search function, this suite offers everything a legal office would require. Initial setup can be a bit of a hassle, and unless you get all the features, the suite seems a bit underwhelming. For smaller firms (between 1-50 users), Action Step is a neat and affordable solution at $60/month/user.

2. Bill4Time

Bill4Time is a well-established software suite that supports integration with several popular apps and comes with a mobile version. The downside of this app is that it’s not explicitly designed for lawyers, and it’s best in tiny firms (1-9 users). The cost of $27/month/user is very affordable for even the smallest of firms.

3. Clio Manage

This suite is a fully-featured law management software that comes with comprehensive tracking options for cases and even accounting features. The only downside is that it doesn’t support sending internal emails through the system, which is a severe drawback in some practices. It works well for moderately large firms (9-20 users), and the price varies between $39 and $115/month/user.

4. CosmoLex

A user-friendly solution that offers unlimited document storage seems like a great option for some firms. The major downside is that it can be much more expensive per user as it’s monthly cost per user sits at $59. It’s an ideal solution for smaller firms that need a lot of document storage.

5. MyCase

MyCase comes with a mobile app and offers sophisticated case management and client communication tools built-in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a built-in email client, and the length of the free trial they offer isn’t exactly clear. Small to medium-sized practices will benefit from using this with its affordable $39/month/user price point.

6. Practice Panther

As a cloud-based solution, practice Panther offers users remote access to their case data along with general management and billing suite. It also provides a mobile app but also doesn’t include an email client. Cloud-based access to documents shouldn’t be overlooked as a benefit to firms, especially those that have teams working on multiple different cases.  Small to medium practices would be the best fit for using this suite, which offers a price range between $39 and $89/month/user.

7. Zola Suite

Another cloud-based solution, this one offers an internal email client as well as features such as bulk billing and task management. It comes with a free trial that allows users to get used to the software, but the price point is slightly high per-user license. Small practices can get by with this software, paying $59/user/month for using it.

Remote Software Sets the Stage

Regardless of which software suite you decide to go with, each of these options has its benefits and drawbacks. Remote management software gives firms a new way to interact with peers and clients in the twenty-first century. Companies that adopt these now are getting in on the bottom floor of what promises to be a technological revolution within the legal industry.