9 Low-Cost Online Marketing Ideas for Law Firms In 2022 (And Beyond)

There is no need if you shudder when you hear the term online marketing. You can market your law firm successfully on a small budget. Here are nine low-cost marketing ideas to get your law firm noticed online.

1.      Define Your Law Firm

Before starting your online marketing campaign, there is one thing that you must work on to ensure its success. Start by creating what is known as a unique value proposition (UVP) or, in simple words – your firm’s message that will help convert clients. Your message will make clients aware of your work, taking them beyond just the notion of competitive prices. Answer these questions:

  • Why is your firm unique?
  • What differentiates your firm from competitor firms?
  • Why is your work more applicable and relatable to clients?

Use this message in all your online and traditional marketing.

2.      Impressionable and Optimized Website

Clients see your website first since most consumers now search online, whether for retail or services like legal counsel. Therefore, ensure that it is well designed, fast-loading, easy to navigate, includes video messages, and mobile-friendly.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test allows you to see if it meets the required standards since more people start their search from their smartphones.


3.      SEO and Your Website

Is your website easy to find when clients are searching online? That is where search engine optimization or SEO comes in. Ensure you meet SEO best practices like fast loading times and keyword-rich content with helpful information. In addition, long-tail keywords allow you to compete with other web pages, and local marketing is essential when targeting clients in a specific geographical location.


4.      Take Advantage of Free Online Profiles

Make it easier for potential clients to notice your law firm by ensuring it has a presence on review sites like your local state bar listing, Yelp, Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing Places, guest blogging, etc. These online profiles are usually free and give you exposure to people searching for legal services online.

5.      Social Media Presence and Marketing

Having a social media presence is beneficial because you can post there. Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the most popular in legal circles. It is helpful to join groups where potential clients are and post there regularly. Also, respond to questions, and share beneficial information. You can try marketing like Google Ads and retargeting ads if your budget allows it since they are also effective.


6.      Video Marketing

Video marketing is a low-cost investment marketing strategy that quickly allows you to build trust with potential clients. It is easy to create a short video that you can share on your website and social media channels. All you need is a smartphone to create a video that addresses client concerns or relates your law firm’s UVP.

Remember: Use a good quality microphone and keep the camera stable.


7.      Content Marketing and Blogging

Prioritizing content creation for social media accounts and publishing is one of the best marketing ideas for your small law firm. Keep notes on ideas, and when you have some time, write the content and post them. Then, you can use tools like HootSuite to repost these automatically on social media.

8.      Online Reviews

Always ask clients to leave reviews on your various online profiles. Once you have them, managing them is vital. A Legal Trends Report in 2021 showed that over 80% of consumers rely on reviews and referrals when looking for a lawyer. Don’t despair if you see one or two negative reviews, but always make sure to address them, always following best practices. Ensure you manage your online reputation and follow the state bar rules when requesting client reviews.

9.      Never Overextend and Always Measure

Don’t be overambitious and join all social media networks if you decide to try paid advertising. Instead, choose one or two that match your goals and invest in careful marketing strategies. Once your online marketing efforts are in place, measure their success regularly by checking how many people click on your social media ads and visit your website. You can use several valuable metrics to see how many people are converting to paying clients, allowing you to make changes to campaigns if necessary.

Final Take

Don’t put off getting started with these online marketing ideas. First, however, make sure to target your efforts at offering the best client experience possible, increasing referrals and conversions.