Diamond and Diamond Ranked Toronto’s Top-Recognized Law Firm

Diamond and Diamond announces that the company’s law firm has increased their brand awareness by 11 points in a recent survey. The announcement is a result of a Leger, the Research Intelligence Group’s recent survey. The survey polled 500 residents in the Greater Toronto Area.

Data from last year’s poll in the area found that Diamond and Diamond increased their brand awareness by 11 points.

The firm is known for their high-profile advertisements that have plastered Jeremy Diamond, the founder’s face, across Canada. The firm’s head office is based on Toronto, yet the firm has opened offices in London, Windsor and Ottawa.

Diamond and Diamond’s firm engaged in what is called “U.S. style” ad campaigns. The firm increased media buys significantly in 2012 with a focus on all major mediums: radio, television, print and digital. Diamond and Diamond’s ads can be seen across Canada, helping the firm increase their brand awareness lead.

The poll found that nearly four-in-five, or 79% of residents, have some degree of familiarity with the firm. Among Toronto’s law firms polled, Diamond and Diamond ranked the highest in terms of brand awareness. The second most recognized firm had just 44% (35 points behind Diamond and Diamond) brand awareness, or a little over two-in-five people recognizing the firm’s name.

Jeremy Diamond attributes his brand’s awareness lead to the company focusing on: customer service excellency and tough advocacy.

The survey found that 86% of the top income earners, those who earn $100,000 or more, were aware of the firm. A second survey found that 27% of residents could name the Diamond and Diamond firm without a list of names available. The firm gained a 6% increase in this survey compared to the same survey conducted in 2016.

Legal marketing expenditures have increased in recent years. Statistics show that 70% of firms generate new cases through their website. Content marketing and a focus on content have led to higher case generation through firm websites.

Video is forecasted to account for 82% of all consumer traffic by 2020, leading to firms spending more on video advertising in 2017.

Social media engagement has led to a massive increase in brand awareness in recent years. A survey of 101 firms found that firms increased their number of clients by 50% due to increased social media engagement.

Forbes notes that legal marketing and businesses development will cause marketing budgets to increase by more than 10% in the next two years.