empowr Nears Beta Launch

empowr’s community is moving toward the end of their company’s alpha testing phase and making decisions on the platform’s transition into its beta phase.

San Diego, California November 7, 2017

empowr announces the platform’s transition from the alpha phase of their community into the beta phase. The platform was established in 2015 and has met a critical phase that will implement a new strategy for citizens.

The platform’s strategy includes the reduction of poverty and inequality.

“I submit for your consideration that Everything, Fast and Free – enabled by hyper-efficient and hyper-convenient sharing — marks the beginning of the end for poverty and inequality on a global scale,” states empowr.

empowr’s marketplace is key if it hopes to compete against Amazon and Facebook, two companies that have a combined value of over $500 billion.

Community interaction and social connectivity will allow the community to offer value in minutes, for free, to consumers.  Immediate value is empowr’s move forward to compete with Facebook and Amazon.

Progress speed is a key discussion point. empowr’s  plans, if the company goes public in the future, is to provide 100% ownership to citizens, success coaches and employees. empowr aims to be 100% owned by people rather than powerful investors. Mission Points will be the key metric to determine stock option distribution. Mission points, displayed at the top of user profiles, includes bonus multipliers to empower citizens to interact with the platform more often.

Alpha users will remain early adopters of the platform. New citizens will require a simplified product that’s easier to understand. The platform aims to have 100% predictable costs and attract millions of new “beta” users. Potential methods of cost predictability include blocking future citizens from utilizing the platform’s ad campaigns or ad credits. The goal is to eliminate ad platform fees for new users. Future versions of the platform may introduce spending caps on a weekly or monthly basis that are easy to understand.

Community member ideas are an integral part of the platform’s future, with a framework that will allow the community to share their best ideas together to tackle beta and future platform problems.

Company Information:

empowr is the world’s first social economy. Founded in 2015, the private company allows users to leverage the power of social media to monetize their time. The community allows members to combine crowd-sourcing and expertise to provide a platform that helps all members.

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