How to Get New Clients for Your Law Firm When Working from Home During the Pandemic

It is well known that the legal profession has not been as quick to embrace the advances in technology that make remote work easier and more conducive to attracting clients.

However,  remote work has far-reaching possibilities if embraced correctly. It has the potential to improve productivity, improve your team and client collaboration, and reduce office expenses.

Getting new clients will depend on several factors. You will need to prove to your clients that you deliver timely and streamlined services. They also need to be aware that all communication is protected and safe. Your legal firm also needs to build a unique online presence that is noticeable to your targeted audience.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools allow you to work seamlessly with your colleagues and clients. It may be difficult to ascertain which the best tools are, but online research will help you find the technology that best fits your needs.

One of the most important tools for working from home is video conferencing software. Video conferencing allows you to improve your client experience with more personal consultations than phone conversations offer, and can increase your client numbers. Other virtual features, like answering service tools allow your law office to be available on demand.

Get a second screen to make it easier for you to review online documents as you work on draughting documents on your laptop or desktop.

A paperless law office is not difficult to achieve, and it allows you to be more flexible and mobile. Use legal management software that allows you and your clients to share documents. On these, your clients can also see how their case is progressing.

Cloud computing makes it easier to be virtual

Cloud computing allows you and your colleagues to access several software applications that allow you to run a streamlined and safe virtual law practice. These include DocuSign, DropBox, Google Docs, and Slack. Each application makes running your law firm so much easier, whether you need a customer’s signature, a way to share documents, or to get everyone on your team on the same page.

A good law practice management platform will allow your law firm to get the billing done efficiently, issue invoices, and allows for payments to be received. These platforms also allow you to keep track of the progress being made on each case.

Create a unique online presence

An online presence is essential, and it requires a projected image that will attract more clients. You need a very good website and a social media presence.

Be careful when you create your law firm’s image. It’s best to avoid a complicated one where your law firm appears like it is a jumbled-up practice that serves all fields of law. Narrow it down to a maximum of two practice areas and its related fields. Build on a specific niche on the demographics of your law practice area that will make your marketing efforts stand out to your target audience.

Professional website

Create a professional-looking website that will be easy to discover online by using the relevant SEO. You will also need to generate frequent and relevant content for your audience.

Social media gives you a stronger online presence

Integrate as many social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as you can onto your website so your prospective clients can find you. Plan the content you want to post in advance with tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, otherwise, hire an SEO firm to do it for you.

Final take

These steps will help your law firm grow during the lockdowns imposed by the pandemic, but will also serve it well into the future. Technology allows just about everyone to effectively work from any location, and there is no reason why the legal profession should not be able to take advantage of this.