Law Site Not Ranking? Past SEO May Be To Blame

Is your site no longer ranking in Google? With constant Penguin, Panda and other algorithmic updates taking place, many small businesses are finding that their rankings have disappeared. You’re not alone, but it may not be a direct penalty.

The first step is to check Google’s Search Console to see if you received a notification.

A thorough backlink profile should be assessed. Past SEO methods that involved “black hat” techniques may be to blame for the issue. Spam or low quality links are the first major concern and should be removed using the “Google Disavow” tool.

Major concerns, such as thin content or poor quality links may not be the issue at all. Competitors may have increased their SEO efforts and are simply causing your site to fall out of the rankings.

There are also hundreds of small algorithmic changes made each year by Google that are never considered major news.

Low-cost SEO and tactics that try to “trick” Google are becoming obsolete. When going up against some of the brightest engineers in the world, you need to focus on quality SEO practices. Direct traffic generation should be a major focus going forward. As for your rankings, it’s time to clean up your link profiles, expand your content strategy and work on gaining natural links through content marketing.

Improve the quality of your site and content. Google will come back to check your site, and eventually, rankings will increase. Tweaks should be made throughout the year to better optimize your site and content.

Marketing the right way moving forward is increasingly important. Past SEO efforts now need to be combined with social media, content marketing, PPC and personal branding for a full marketing approach.

Past tactics provide you with an opportunity to reevaluate your business’s marketing going forward and expand as a result. Rankings will follow and return as you make vital changes.