Legal Marketing Network to Launch by Internet Brands

Internet Brands has launched a new legal marketing network that will help lawyers promote their businesses. A press release released by the company this week announced the launch of Martindale-Nolo Legal Marketing Network.

The main company owns Nolo, Ngage Live Chat and Martindale-Hubbell.

All three brands will be closely integrated into the new network, which aims to help attorneys increase their leads, build credibility and grow their client base. The company’s press release stated that over 15 million people visit the network’s websites on a monthly basis.

The company will act as a high-priced marketing outlet for lawyers that will be operated out of the company’s Los Angeles office. The company will offer a wide range of services to attorneys, including web hosting, marketing tools, search engine optimization and more.

The integration of the company’s services will allow attorneys to utilize live chats to talk to clients on a variety of different portals, including their own websites, with a simple integration method and in-depth analytics.

Converting leads to clients will be a much easier and a streamlined approach can be taken thanks to the network. Lawyers have routinely added content and information to the company’s website. ABA Journal notes that Nolo publishes 500 articles from lawyers per month. These articles and content will help power Martindale-Nolo.

The new network will be targeting small and medium-sized firms, but will also work with select larger firms in the future.

Lead generation will be provided through the over 100,000 consumers that visit the company’s network every month. The company owns numerous websites, which will all be integrated deeply together:


The company’s portfolio of website acts as a library for potential clients that are looking for free legal information prior to calling a lawyer. The company also owns, which will act as a major source of leads in the network.

Avvo, a similar service to the company’s offering, offers low-priced services that will compete directly with Martindale-Nolo. The company allows users to talk directly with highly-rated lawyers and offers fixed-fee legal services, too.

The two entities are expected to be direct competitors with one another.

Live chat options will be able to be integrated into client websites via the service. Ngage is a 24/7 live chat option that allows lawyers to double their conversion rates. Highly-trained operators working for the company will be on call day and night to capture leads on the lawyer’s behalf.

The trained staff will find out all of the client’s vital information and turn it over to the firm to capture leads quickly and easily.

Ngaga will be integrated deeply into the company’s service, and it offers live transfer options, too, which allow operators to call lawyers directly.