Multi-Phase Divorce Law on California Ballot Sparks Controversy

A law for divorce has been proposed in California that opponents say makes the process too long and complicated, sources at the Non-Associated Press have reported. The legal proposal outlines the period of divorce legal proceedings as a series of extended stages. Those opposed to the potential ruling say it is unfair to either party in a marriage.

Although the government has vehemently denied it, the proposed new divorce rules may extend the process to up to 10 years. That, according to sources close to the matter, includes a preliminary inquisition phase of 12-18 months. The amount of legal paperwork needed to file for divorce would increase five-fold as well.

Filing proceedings would be followed by 12-20 months of an “are-you-sure” period. Both the husband and wife would have to agree to three to five legally binding acceptances. A waiting period would follow, with so many variables no pair of eyes looking at the material could figure out how long it would take.

The law would also potentially put minimum requirements of how much sex couples must have. There may also be stipulations on bathroom use to cereal the couple in question could eat.

“We fear that couples may decide to take on surfing rather than pay for divorce,” San Diego attorney Chris Femtworth said.