Are Your Emails Safe? The FBI May Be Looking and You Don’t Even Know It

Media hype as of late has given email investigations a political spin, but watchdogs have issued an alert that undercover investigators may be spot checking citizens’ emails every day. The reports have been denied by the federal government.


WebNetTrafficKo, LLC, an Internet security watchdog company, has raised a red flag alerting of a possible nationwide FBI investigation of emails. The fear, according to unnamed experts, is that classified information may be in your hands, and you don’t even know it. The company has denied rumors that citizens may be required to testify before Congress.


The report also suggested your emails may be released in batches, at timed intervals. The timing may be based on your prospects to seek employment, get a mortgage, find love, or get elected to a local public office.


There is now also a high probability that all of your emails are being held for ransom by an unknown holder of secret information from anonymous sources.