How Alexander Petraglia Elevates Client Care and Service in the Legal Field

Law firms sometimes sink the majority of their efforts into securing new clients. It is important to expand your client network, but elevating the service of current clients is also vital. Successful attorneys like Alexander Petraglia work to ensure that clients have excellent experiences.

Many law firms have an abysmal record of customer service. By some estimates, fewer than 10% of people are able to speak with an attorney when they call a law firm. Almost half of those who contact a firm through a website or voicemail do not get a timely response.

Many legal professionals have a long way to go in terms of elevating client care. This lack of quality presents an opportunity for customer-focused firms.

High-quality client care allows firms to secure and keep a broad range of clients. In the following post, we will examine several ways to increase the quality of service in the legal field.

Draw from the Client’s Life Experiences and Perspectives

Treating clients with empathy and compassion is essential. No matter what type of law you practice, you will deal with people in difficult situations.

Life events that require legal representation are often challenging and overwhelming. When someone needs to initiate a divorce, file for bankruptcy, or seek financial damages, they face a range of difficult issues.

Clients may become frustrated sometimes. It is important to remember that they may be anxious or scared about the outcome of their situation. Attorneys should cultivate strong interpersonal communication skills and emotional intelligence. These tools will help you to deliver empathic and compassionate legal services.

High-Quality Client Care from the Start

A law firm should engage in exceptional client service from the beginning. One of the most important elements of customer care is the first point of contact. For most firms, this starts with the person answering the phones and returning email requests.

Anyone who represents your law firm should be friendly, helpful, and understanding. When someone contacts your firm online, they should receive a prompt response. All communication with prospective clients should be pleasant and informative.

The entire intake process should be focused on the satisfaction of the client. This does not mean telling clients whatever they want to hear; it means actively listening, offering information, and attempting to help in every case.

Set Clear Expectations for Case Updates

Clients often complain that their attorney leaves them uninformed. No one should be left wondering about the state of their case. Clients should receive regular updates and information about the legal process. It is important to set appropriate expectations during the initial consultation.

Checking in with clients at prearranged intervals is an excellent policy. Contact is important, even if there are no substantive updates. Open communication shows clients that their case is in good hands.

Additionally, the best attorneys avoid using legalese when speaking with clients. Using legal jargon unnecessarily can be frustrating for clients. It is also pretentious. The best lawyers can communicate using language that is accessible to everyone.

About Alexander Petraglia

Alexander Petraglia is a licensed criminal defense and family attorney who views his relationship with clients as a sacred bond. He passed his bar admissions in 2015 and has been vigorously defending his clients’ rights ever since. In a pursuit to perfect his trial skills and client care, he has graduated from the Gideon’s Promise Trial program for public defenders, one of the top trial training courses in the country.

He has strong interpersonal skills and experience in investigating cases through interviews and site visits. When he’s not working, Alexander likes hiking with his dog and volunteering with stray animal adoption programs and local food pantries.