President Trump’s New Committee Sets ‘Responsible Speech’ Precedent for First Amendment

Faced with vociferous criticism from all corners of the media, US President Donald Trump has recently set up a House Committee to mainstream his new vision of freedom of expression.

Trump’s new HIIOTFAC or ‘House Irresponsible Implementation of the First Amendment Committee’ is designed to ensure the First Amendment privileges of all American citizens (even including Mexicans, black folk, women and LGBT individuals) are properly recognized and safeguarded.

Kelly-Anne Conway notes:

“For too long, ‘freedom of speech’ has been dishonestly framed as the freedom to say whatever you want, regardless of whether what you say benefits or harms the American people.

“So right now, we’re looking for a paradigm shift, where the freedom of speech of the American people is safeguarded and protected, by ensuring that those who abuse the 1st Amendment privileges we are graciously bestowing upon them, do not have an opportunity to shout down those more truly freedom-loving Americans, who speak out of patriotism and out of love for liberty.”

Faced with stern criticism of this policy, Trump has recently ranted on Twitter that critics of his new Committee and policies:

“Don’t understand free speech! Weak losers think they can say whatever they want, to hell with the consequences?! Sad!”

Vladimir Putin of Russia and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey are said to be closely monitoring the situation as it develops.

Our anonymous sources tell us both leaders would like to have some meaningful dialogue with the USA about how they too can ensure responsible exercise of the privileges they are granting their citizens.