3 Advantages of Using Legal CBD Items to Improve Your Sports Game

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a highly useful compound that is found in plants of the cannabis family. It functions by plugging into the cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system and stopping the transmission of pain data. CBD can also help you fall asleep in a full dose, and micro dosing can help you focus and concentrate on your athletic goals.

Topical Relief

You can get CBD as a roll on or cream to help manage post-workout pain. There are also athletes that use a topical as a pain preventative. If you need a little help to warm up tired muscles, a preventative can help a lot.

However, if you are facing a lot of inflammation or obvious signs of tearing, such as bruising, you may need to step back your CBD use to make sure you are not masking the signs of a serious injury.

Quality Rest

If your body is tired at night but you find that your brain is racing, a sublingual dose of CBD can help you to relax and fall asleep more deeply. For those who can easily fall asleep but struggle to stay asleep, you may have better luck using an edible or a gummy.

While a sublingual dose will enter the blood zone quickly, an edible has to be digested to impact your nervous system.

Before you start any CBD regimen, make sure you discuss it with your doctor. Once you have gotten the green light, keep a journal that allows you to track your dosage, your reaction, and your results over the next 24 hours.

Once you have a solid understanding of what sublingual dose is best for you, you may be able to stack your doses by taking an edible gummy with your sublingual dose. The oil under the tongue will help you fall asleep, and the gummies will help you stay there.

Focus and Concentration

While a full dose causes sleepiness, smaller doses of CBD can actually make it easier to focus and put your full attention into life goals. If you are training for a particular sport and your brain is all over the place, micro dosing can help.

Microdosing can include

  • between 3 and 5 mg in a morning beverage
  • take 2 puffs on a vaping pen
  • put a small amount of CBD isolate into a smoothie or a mid-afternoon snack or beverage.

Again, track your micro-dosing goals. If you have never vaped before, consider getting a disposable pen to allow you to microdose for focus. Vaping mixes can be fiddly, vaping tools can be expensive, and if you already take a sublingual dose, you need a different line of products for vaping. The oil that goes under your tongue can never go in a vaping pen, and vaping liquid or juice should never be put under the tongue.

CBD isolate is easy to add to a shaker in the morning. Add a Vitamin C boost to support your immune system and fill up the cup with cool tea for great results and a huge dose of antioxidants.

When used with intention and focus, CBD use can yield exciting results. You can fight muscle pain, enjoy great rest and find focus no matter how tired or busy you are.